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This is the heart of Arias Pro. All the planning and post-production revolves around the stunning footage captured on the day of your shoot. Arias pro has the experience and creative eye to capture the most important elements of your story, and makes each video shoot a great experience for the client.

Expect more from Arias Pro.

The client experience means everything to us. Our producers, videographers, and production assistants show up on time and ready to rock the day of your shoot. We make the day run smoothly and provide all the necessities for our team and yours, including production schedules, preview monitors, and a great lunch.

We don’t hold back. We bring all our video production equipment and support technology to increase the production value of our videography, all as part of our regular pricing. Whether it’s a slider, drone or dana dolly – we have it on-hand the day of your shoot.

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We’re video geeks.

Arias Pro uses the latest gear and tech to capture high end footage in and around Connecticut, Boston and New York. This includes 4K or 6K cameras, drone, 360 video, specialty equipment and support applications. Working with the clients to plan a successful shoot means that we arrive with the best possible equipment to get the desired look for our shot list. This includes not only cameras, but lighting, microphones, props, and support equipment, too. We even provide live, wireless viewing of our camera monitors during the shoot – all from the convenience of a smart device app! Our video production services, combined with great tech make the client experience exceptional.

Our regular tool box of gear includes camera sliders, dollys, stabilizers and streaming equipment.

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You need video.

Video production services are great for companies who want to truly engage their audience. Customers have come to expect great video content and we’re here to help you produce it.

  • Social Media Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Fundraising Videos
  • Website Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Company Overview

All this excitement starts with thoughtful planning and pre-production services. We get to know your organization to ensure the work we do together delivers the correct message to your audience.



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