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Video Planning +

Proper planning and video pre-production can make all the difference to your final product. Arias Pro is equipped to handle all the creative and logistic planning required for a great finished video.

We help clients in and around Connecticut conceptualize, script, storyboard and plan the execution of their project. A lot goes into the planning and pre-production of our video projects.

Discovery + Planning

Whether you are a new client and we’re just getting to know one another, or an existing client with video experience under your belt, we make it our job to get to know the purpose of your video. Your brand is unique and we plan around what will work for your message and method of delivery. We take into consideration the channels you’ll use to deliver, video length, and audience, ensuring the proper licensing and specification for your finished piece(s).

We also plan ahead to get the most material possible when on set, giving clients the option to produce even more content from the footage we collect. Our experience in video planning allows Arias Pro to deliver a seamless experience each and every time.

Scripting and Storyboarding

Our involvement in the pre-production phase depends on the client need. Arias Pro offers scripting and graphic storyboarding services to help aid in the planning of content for your video. Copywriting for video is its own animal and we take care in writing copy that is clear, informative and upbeat.

Storyboarding is the graphic representation of your final video and is essential for animated videos, and broadcast TV advertisements. We draft frames of the video along side your script or story so you can see exactly how the final product will look and feel. This is a great time for client’s to approve or make changes to the graphic treatment used in their video.

Site Survey

The site survey is sometimes the most important piece of the video production planning and pre-production process. Arias Pro tours the location of the shoot to map out not just logistics for day-of planning but also creative opportunities and locations where shooting is ideal. Knowing the details of our shoot location ahead of time allows the crew to save time and execute production days with ease.

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