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The footage we shoot deserves only the best video post-production treatment.

Video post production is the process of cataloging, editing, animating, color grading and exporting your finished videos. The thoughtful editing of your footage is where our ability to story tell really shines. The way the interviews are cut and presented, the quality of voiceover recording and the extra animation on your title graphics — these are what make the difference in an Arias Pro video. The process is also easy and enjoyable for the client. We produce several drafts of your video, reviewing and changing each draft until we have a completed project everyone can be proud of!

The final destination of your video is also important to the post-production process, and the way we cut videos for various platforms may differ. For example, we take care to add subtitles to your social videos so people still get the message when scrolling past your video on silent.

Arias Pro can also help ensure that the great video content we’ve produced does not go unseen. Sometimes posting to your website or social page is enough – but most of the time your video content needs a marketing strategy to help ensure it’s received.

We offer support services to help ensure the success of your final video.


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