grit n witThe guys over at Grit&Wit were great to work with. They came into the office and right away we starting talking about approaches to their video. Our goal was to showcase the days events in less than 2 minutes. We accomplished that goal, and they loved it!

James Moher; Grit ‘N WIT | “We needed a more exciting and engaging way of letting people know about our event and capturing the feel of it. Now that we have the video we will use it on our website, in our social media marketing campaign, when we reach out to sponsors and partners, and just about any other way we can think.

Working with Arias Production has been truly a great experience. The video is evidence enough that they put together a great product, which is not surprising when you learn about their process.

At our first meeting Paul had already watched all the “model videos” I had sent him and knew exactly the look and feel I was looking for and how to shoot the event. We talked through the process and then went over the map of the course and prioritized what I wanted to capture.

The day before the event, we walked a majority of the 3 mile course so Paul would know exactly where the staff of Videographers needed to be and the best way to shoot. On event day, Arias Productions ran the entire process so I could focus on the event itself. After the video was done, they put together a 45 second clip of the video to make sure it was the look and feel I wanted. I literally made no changes to it. He then put together the rest of the video, added some text, and then asked how it was. I ran the video by a number of individuals, and the only change was to include my website at the end. When that’s the only comment you have at the end of the process, clearly it’s gone very well.”